Gender and Technology (Panel discussion 1): Gender and AI, Implications for diversity and equality at work

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This is the first event in a two-part series that engages with the relationship between gender and technology. This event explores the relationship between gender and artificial intelligence. Fast advances in artificial intelligence have, on the one hand, been welcomed as they signify one of the most transformational advances in technology that extends the human-machine relationship. On the other hand, many questions continue to be raised about the implications in the widespread use of AI.

In particular, we have seen reports about algorithmic bias that reproduce and exacerbate gender and intersectional inequalities. It has been said that AI is a mirror of ourselves and against the backdrop, this panel discussion will reflect on the relationship between gender and AI and its implications and the challenges it poses for diversity and equality issues at work.

•    Professor Anja Lambrecht, London Business School
•    Julian Posada, University of Toronto
•    Dr Mayra Ruiz Castro, University of Roehampton
•    Professor Judy Wajcman, London School of Economics and Political Science

•    Dr Jenny Rodriguez, University of Manchester
•    Dr Elisabeth Anna Guenther, University of Vienna

17 May 2021 (further information on