Category: organization

Practice Project

This course was taught in German at the WU Wien in winter term 2019 and summer term 2020 Inhalte In this cours, students work on real life questions contributed by cooperation partners. Course instructor recruited the cooperation partners and facilitated the project work. In working on real life problems, students apply skills they have learned […]

Exercise Personell, Leadership, Organization

Course taught in German at WU Wien in summer term 2019 and summer term 2020; exercise part advancing the understanding of the lecture Personell, Leadrship and Organization. Content Repetition content taught during the lecture and from the textbook, focus on human resource management, organization, diversity management and group dynamics Methods group work, planning game, exercises, […]

Diversity Management in Practice

Co-taught in summer term 2019 and summer term 2020 at WU Wien. Course language was english. Content Diversity management: introduction, concepts and theories Selected diversity dimensions and their role in organizations: disability, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation. Learning outcomes The students are able to explain the main concepts of diversity management and the main reasons […]

Strategic Diversity Management

course taught in German at WU Wien, in summer term 2019 as well as winter term 2019 Content The implementation of diversity management as part of the corporate strategy and related organizational change. The course focuses on the strategic implementation of diversity-specific aspects and the associated organizational change. Therefore, we deal in detail with questions […]

Basics in Organisation

Taught in German at TU Wien (in 2012S, 2012W, 2013S, 2013W, 2014S, 2014W, 2015S, 2015W, 2016S) Content Key concepts in organisation theory, organisational and operational structure, delegation and coordiantion, efficiency criteria, process analysis and design, organisational culture, organisational change, organisational learning Method Lecture, working with case studies, blended learning