Strategic Diversity Management

course taught in German at WU Wien, in summer term 2019 as well as winter term 2019


The implementation of diversity management as part of the corporate strategy and related organizational change.

The course focuses on the strategic implementation of diversity-specific aspects and the associated organizational change. Therefore, we deal in detail with questions of the implementation of diversity strategies (goal agreement processes, means-purpose relations, operationalization and evaluation as well as methods for diversity-specific organizational analysis). Since this implementation in most organizations involves changes in the organizational culture, we deal on the one hand with the different fields of action of a goal-oriented change management. On the other hand, we discuss individual elements of knowledge management, since in these change processes a continuous transformation between implicit and explicit diversity-specific knowledge is generated.


Lecture, case studies, presentations, reflection, group work.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Implement diversity strategies based on theoretical knowledge of organizational change and knowledge management.
  • design and guide goal-setting processes, resource-purpose relations, operationalization and evaluation and their implementation
  • Reflect on processes and structures of implementation

This course also develops the following skills in students:

  • Translate theory knowledge into practice.
  • Analyze structures and processes
  • Networked thinking
  • Critical reflection and judgment
  • Independent as well as team work