Gender and Technology (Panel discussion 2): What to do about gender, race and class in robots and AI?

Dieses Webinar wurde in Englisch abgehalten.

This is the second event in a two-part series that engages with the relationship between gender and technology. This event addresses gender, race and class in the area of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

Robots and automation may appear ostensibly as pure technical developments. However, reports have shown that gendered as well as racialised stereotypes influence the design and utilization of both. As a consequence, these technological developments run the risk to enhance inequalities.

In this panel we aim to explore what is needed to counteract such risks. We want to know what is needed to ensure that digital transformation will contribute to an inclusive workplace and a social justice agenda.

•    Dr Long Bui, University of California at Irvine
•    Professor Elisabeth Kelan, University of Essex
•    Professor Sabine Köszegi, Vienna University of Technology

•    Dr Elisabeth Anna Guenther, University of Vienna
•    Dr Jenny K. Rodriguez, University of Manchester

17 June 2021 (further information on