Equitable and Sustainable Futures for Women

The Gender in Management SIG and the Leadership and Leadership Development SIG are pleased to invite you to attend the “Women and Leadership: Equitable and Sustainable Futures for Women in Leadership” event. This is the final session of the two-webinar series on Women and Leadership.

Despite the wealth of research and reports about the ways in which women have and continue to positively transform leadership practice, as well as the increase in the number of women in leadership positions, important challenges still remain. In addition to the overall under representation of women in top leadership positions, women’s leadership styles and practices are subject to continuous scrutiny and negative stereotypes, and they face challenges linked to different forms of gender violence that emerge from gendered understandings of leadership.

In view of the rapid changes to work and workplaces, we need to reflect more insightfully about women in leadership, reflecting on providing equitable and sustainable futures for women in leadership. This event looks to reflect on the relationship between gender and leadership and how these shapes the experiences of women leaders. In particular, the event looks to bring to the fore ideas about how leadership is embodied, practiced and understood, how this has changed and the implications this has in order for leadership practice to support equal and sustainable dynamics of work and employment in the future.

This event is designed for academics, practitioners, researchers and policy makers. The speakers will be sharing on the relationship between gender and leadership, with a specific focus on women and leadership. Thoughts to set theory and practice agendas for the equitable and sustainable futures for women in leadership in the 21st century will be the focus of the day.

Speakers: Lara Williams (Co-founder of Momentum4, UK), Professor Carole Elliott (Sheffield University Management School, UK), Professor Jackie Ford (Durham University Business School, UK), and Professor Ruth Sealy (University of Exeter Business School, UK).

This session was chaired by Dr Jenny K. Rodriguez and Dr Elisabeth Guenther, Dr Christian Harrison co-organised the webinar.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020 (all information on bam.ac.uk)