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JustPLAY. Digital Games for future topics

This series of webinars was held in German as part of a continious education training for teachers. Description only in German. Seminar- und Vortragsreihe zu Games, organisiert von Fares Kayali und Elisabeth Günther. Games können mehr, als ihr Ruf manchmal verrät. Über Games lassen sich komplexe und schwere Themen vermitteln. Durch Spielen und die Auseinandersetzung […]

Gender and Technology (Panel discussion 2): What to do about gender, race and class in robots and AI?

This is the second event in a two-part series that engages with the relationship between gender and technology. This event addresses gender, race and class in the area of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence. Robots and automation may appear ostensibly as pure technical developments. However, reports have shown that gendered as well as racialised stereotypes […]

Gender and Technology (Panel discussion 1): Gender and AI, Implications for diversity and equality at work

This is the first event in a two-part series that engages with the relationship between gender and technology. This event explores the relationship between gender and artificial intelligence. Fast advances in artificial intelligence have, on the one hand, been welcomed as they signify one of the most transformational advances in technology that extends the human-machine […]

The gendered impact of Covid-19 pandemic on work and employment

The Covid19 pandemic has exacerbated pre-crisis economic and social inequalities, which have important implications for gender equality in all domains of life. In general terms, the pandemic poses risks to widening the gender gap in areas like accumulation of human capital, economic empowerment, agency and voice. At work, these challenges are multilayered given the life-changing […]

Ethics of care in times of crisis

The unprecedented disruption created by the ongoing pandemic has had a transformational impact on our personal, professional and working lives. At present, we are living and working under unfamiliar and, in many cases, even more precarious conditions. Amidst the challenges of coping and adapting to the present changes, heightened insecurities and uncertainties are met with […]