Introduction to Theories and Methods of Gender Studies

This introductory seminar course was taught in German at University of Klagenfurt in winter term 2018.

The course adresses fundamental gender studies’ topics. Students read key texts (with guidance) and discuss concepts.

Amongst these concepts and topics are

  • Why do we need gender studies?
  • What is the sense of gender equality policy and the advancement of women?
  • What is about the political participation of women/men?
  • What is meant by gender is a social construction?
  • Gender – sex – sexuality – what is the difference?
  • Is there more to gender than woman and man?
  • What does cis mean? What does queer, transgender and intersexuality mean?
  • What is meant by Gender as an interdependent category?
  • How are gender relations related to class relations, racism, colonialism, or discrimination against people with chronic illnesses or disabilities?