Digital Empowerment and anti-discriminatory teaching and learning

This course was taught in German in winter semester 2021 at the University of Vienna.


In this seminar, students explore how anti-discriminatory teaching and learning can be facilitated and linked to digital empowerment. They gain an understanding of why it is important to consciously ask how to reach as many learners as possible. This includes reflecting on internalized notions and becoming aware of possible, unconscious moments of exclusion. Furthermore, it is important to consider – in an increasingly digitalized world – how the available digital media/games/apps can be used in an empowering way. For this purpose, the seminar will on the one hand deal with current research results from the field and on the other hand try out their translation into possible actions.


On completion of this seminar

  • Students understand why it is important to actively design anti-discriminatory teaching.
  • Students understand how social inequalities can influence educational success.
  • Students have increased their sensitivity to inequality and their own privileges.
  • Students have developed and tried out initial approaches to combat inequality in education.
  • Students have learned and applied strategies to reach and support a diverse range of learners in their learning.